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In our program ‘THE CHANGEMAKERS – A SOCIAL PROJECT FOR REFUGEES’ you can get training with SAP and become a future SAP Analytics Cloud Consultant. Once you complete the training, you get a permanent job with well-known companies!

The program at a glance

Program overview

  • Start: November 2, 2023
  • Duration: 15 months (including 3 months pre-qualification and 12 months traineeship)
  • Application: the application deadline has passed for this cohort.
  • Technical content: SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Availability: 15 months full-time
  • Locations: Certifications are online, the traineeship will be on-site with a partner company.
  • Perspective: Long-term employment with a partner company.
  • Salary: You will receive a fixed salary during your traineeship – there are no additional costs!

Your profile

  • You are a recognised refugee
    (completed asylum procedure) or migrant (receiving social benefits).
  • You are motivated, proactive & reliable
  • You already have min. B1 German and B1 English skills
  • Basic IT knowledge in the area of analytics + programming
  • You are available for the specified period
  • You will be available from November 2023 to January 2025.
  • Resident in Switzerland (Zurich or Bern) OR
  • Resident in Austria (Vienna) OR
  • Resident in Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Münster, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Cologne, Mannheim, Munich, Stuttgart or Walldorf)

What we offer

  • Contract for a 1-year traineeship with a renowned company with the prospect of a long-term employment as SAP Analytics Cloud Consultants (or similar).
  • free online training
  • socialbee‘s development program (professional soft-skills development).
  • SAP technical training:
    • Discover SAP Business Technology Platform
    • Explore SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Final examination with certificate in the area of SAP Analytics Cloud

Do you have questions?
I can help you!

You can write me an email, a Whatsapp message or call me (Monday-Friday): contact me and I will happily answer all your questions!

How to start your SAP career


You contact us and send us your application documents, e.g. your resume (CV). Afterwards, we get to know each other during a personal interview (online).

The Recruiting Day

If your application and personal interview go well, you get to show your IT skills and introduce yourself to one of our prestigious partner companies (online).

Start of the qualification

At the beginning of the CHANGEMAKER – program you can expect 3 exciting learning months, in which we prepare you optimally for the coming year as a trainee.

While SAP trains you in SAP Analytics Cloud, you develop your personal strengths with socialbee‘s professional soft skills training.

Start the traineeship

The first phase of your traineeship (T1) is dedicated to learning on the job. You will work 4 days per week (Monday – Thursday) on a small project in your partner company and will be supported from all sides.

Every Friday is a training day with group and individual training sessions, as well as time to learn and apply new knowledge directly to your work.

Full-time traineeship

Congratulations! After this intensive qualification phase, you are now ready to start working full time (Monday – Friday) and supporting your company in current projects!

We will support you throughout your journey in the IT industry with monthly development meetings and individual training sessions. We are always available to assist you, answer questions or address any issues you may have.

Long-term employment

After 15 exciting months in the program, your traineeship is also completed. During this time you have gained a lot of experience and are now ready to work in the IT industry.

Our goal is to help you find a stable job for the long term, even while you’re still in the program. We will assist both you and your partner company throughout this process.

What previous participants say


"Thanks to socialbee I was able to turn my love
of programming into a new life for
my daughters, my wife and myself."

Abdoulfatah is a CHANGEMAKERS 2.0 graduate & now works as a consultant at a German IT services company

Design ohne Titel (78)

"I am very happy to now be a consultant in SLT Finance thanks to socialbee"

Juan is a CHANGEMAKERS 2.0 graduate & now works as an SAP Data Migration Analyst at IT consulting firm cbs
Learn more about Juan's story.

The application deadline has passed for this cohort.

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More information for supporters

As Germany’s leading leading expert on integration, socialbee addresses the shortage of skilled workers and promotes diversity and equal opportunities in the labor market throughout the DACH region by helping people with a refugee background integrate themselves long-term. We have a network of 500+ companies and a long-term integration rate of over 86%. As integration experts, we offer refugees real career opportunities and a stepping stone into the world of work through close mentoring, bureaucratic support, language courses and training.

We have successfully completed several qualification programmes with companies such as SAP and Daimler and have been recognised with business and political awards. This shows that our approach to integration works in a sustainable and innovative way and brings job seekers and companies together.

We are now starting a new programme and are looking for motivated participants: contact us if you know suitable and interested applicants who should not miss this opportunity!


Everything about the program in a multi-page programme overview. Download now!

Create opportunities

Know refugees or migrants who are interested? Get in touch and let’s get to know each other!

Review: The CHANGEMAKERS Story


Our first CHANGEMAKERS project took place from February to May 2021 in collaboration with SAP, the largest software group in Europe.

You can find videos about Round 1.0, including information about the refugee participants, coaches, and the companies involved.


In the second round of CHANGEMAKERS, which took place from September to December 2021, we had a strong media campaign. We were joined by Cawa Younosi, Head of Human Resources at SAP Germany, and Zarah Bruhn, CEO of socialbee. Additionally, four participants, Juan, Qasem, Neda and Abdoulfatah shared their life stories. Through their stories, they demonstrated that their backgrounds are more than just their journey as refugees, but also highlight their many successes and strengths.



In our third CHANGEMAKERS round, we provided career opportunities in IT to even more people, expanding to the whole DACH region. As a result, in 2022, people with a refugee or migration background had the chance to apply for positions and secure employment with partner companies not just in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland.


For the fourth round of CHANGEMAKERS, we will once again use a powerful media campaign to spread the word about this amazing program and inspire other companies to join in.

Be excited for the Round 4.0 campaign!


These companies took part!

The world leader from Walldorf

Without our training partner SAP, the IT qualification program CHANGEMAKERS would not exist. The software group comes from southern Germany and is one of the five largest software companies in the world.

Alongside SAP, several renowned IT companies have participated in previous CHANGEMAKERS rounds aave worked with socialbee to create a positive impact on the future of refugee participants.

Many CHANGEMAKERS graduates have received permanent job offers and have seamlessly integrated into consultant roles within the teams of program partners.

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