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You want to find a good job, but you lack the right qualification? We have both! Join our free programs now for your qualification for a job in Germany – and find a job directly through us!

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The socialbee programs at a glance


All programs are for free.


Many of our programs can be completed online from anywhere in Germany.


We support you during the program for all questions and tasks.


We organize a job for you after your training.

Something for everyone

We offer you a qualification for a job in Germany in different industries. Find out more here or write to us!

Job in logistics

Job in marketing

Kitchen planning at IKEA

Job in solar panel installation

Job in logistics, craft or retail

Job in Project Management

What you say about the socialbee programs


"When I joined socialbee, things finally started going great."

Heman, career starter in commercial distribution through direct job


"Working with socialbee is fantastic."

Christine, career starter in catering through a qualification program


"You'll be welcomed + treated well."

Yahaya, career starter in manufacturing through direct job

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Training + Job

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