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Many people do not have fair access to the labor market. Meanwhile, companies are desperately looking for employees. We are changing that.

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We create opportunities for people and companies.

At socialbee, we are the leading experts for the sustainable integration of refugees and migrants into the German labor market. As an expert in interculturality, we create jobs and training opportunities for refugees + help companies meet their staffing needs. We promote diversity and integration sustainably – and thereby strengthen our entire society.

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We create real opportunities for motivated people and promote a long-term and loyal working relationship through our on-the-job support.

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I studied medicine in my home country and worked for Doctors Without Borders in South Sudan as a doctor in a war zone. In Germany, I couldn’t get a job for many years. I lacked qualification certificates. Thanks to socialbee, I can now work in care and give back.”

Milton from Uganda, geriatric nurse


Teams benefit directly from a diverse workforce: They are more innovative, more crisis-proof and perform better due to different perspectives.

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Make integration simple! We at SAP also believe in it and have launched the CHANGEMAKERS program with socialbee. Together, we train people with a refugee background to become SAP consultants, thus creating sustainable prospects for them.”

Cawa Younosi, SAP


The professional and social integration of refugees + socially disadvantaged people creates better living conditions for everyone in our society.

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socialbee has been showing for years how integration into the labor market and society can work. Talk less, do more. The CARE CHAMPIONS project creates real prospects for Stuttgart and the region in the areas of integration and the shortage of skilled nursing staff. Creating opportunities for refugees while addressing problems in our society: a real win-win.”

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