Fill positions directly + hire refugees and migrants unbureaucratically with us

Many companies would like to employ (more) people with a refugee or migration background, but they lack the necessary know-how. We are experts in the integration of refugees and migrants into the German labor market and help you to fill positions directly.

Making recruitment a success
Fill positions directly

Equal opportunity is the key to a strong society. As a leading expert in labor market integration, we therefore create opportunities for disadvantaged people every day, make integration a concrete reality with our nationwide recruitment and qualification projects, and promote diversity and innovation in companies. Hire refugees + migrants now and fill vacancies directly!

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All advantages at a glance:
Fill positions directly with refugees now

Zero bureaucracy

We take care of everything: from applying for a work permit to assisting with administrative procedures.

Top talents

We find motivated applicants who have been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to contribute in a professional context.

Social impact

Together, we can make a lasting difference in people's lives and give them and their families a real, new start.


Let's show together that diversity is important - be a role model for other companies and create success stories with us.

Our Impact


"When I joined socialbee, things finally started going great."

Heman, career starter in commercial distribution through direct job


"Working with socialbee is fantastic."

Christine, career starter in catering through a qualification program


"You'll be welcomed + treated well."

Yahaya, career starter in manufacturing through direct job

Looking for new hires no longer has to be a challenge

socialbee is responsible for the recruitment and briefing of suitable candidates. We take care of the bureaucracy and guide people through the first few months on the new job thanks to our personal mentors.

Companies can either fill positions directly with refugees and migrants or initially fill positions through us with our innovative model of social temporary employment.

For long-term integration success, our goal is always a long-term takeover of the employee.

How it works: successful
search + direct placement

We ensure the high quality of applications through a multi-stage recruitment process. Our application process is transparent, targeted to your company needs and empathy-driven.


Search for candidates

We have a large network of partner organizations, employment agencies and specialized supporters who assist us in finding the right candidates.


recruitment process

In an initial interview, we learn all about the candidate’s previous work experience, qualifications and career aspirations. In order to fill positions directly, we clarify the visa or asylum status and find out which documents should still be applied for by us.



In a thorough assessment, we determine the professional skills of the candidates and check whether they are suitable for the position. 


Get to know

You get to know the applicants and can then decide whether you want to hire them directly or through a temporary employment agreement for a period of one year. Additionally, all our placements always include a support fee, through which the sustainable integration into your company is guided by our experienced integration managers.

Our offering

Option 1:

Labor leasing ("Arbeitnehmer-überlassung")

Take the first step to creating new opportunities!

  • Employee leasing with socialbee
  • 12 months’ employment in the company
  • 12 months’ integration program including personal support by socialbee
  • The goal: direct employment
Option 2:

Direct staffing

Establish diversity in the long term and hire refugees + migrants directly.

  • Direct placement
  • full time or part time
  • 12 months’ integration program including personal support by socialbee

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