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2023 will be the start of your career: First socialbee and our qualification-partners will train you to be a Certified Project Manager & Scrum Master. Then, you will be permanently employed by some of Germany’s most renowned companies!

The programme at a glance

Program overview

  • Start: 27th Nov 2023
  • Duration: 14 months
  • Application: now open
  • Certification after the program: Project Management (Basic Certificate GPM) and Scrum Master (e.g. PSM I)
  • Availability: 14 months full-time (trainee)
  • Locations: Certifications are online, the traineeship will be on-site with a partner company.
  • Perspective: Long-term employment with a partner company.
  • Salary: Fixed salary during the entire traineeship – there are no additional costs!

Your profile

  • You are a refugee or migrant entitled to benefits from Jobcenter.
  • You are motivated, open-minded, proactive, structured & reliable.
  • You already know B1 German and B1 English or better
  • You have studied at university or worked in an office before.
  • You are interested in project management.
  • You are available full time from 27.11.23 – 31.01.25.
  • You live in a major German city, e.g. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Münster, Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf or the Ruhr area.

What we offer

  • Contract for a 1 year traineeship with a renowned company with the possibility of a long-term contract as a project manager.
  • Coaching to become a Project Manager (Basic Certificate of GPM) & Professional Scrum™ Master (e.g. PSM I).
  • socialbee’s development program (Professional Soft-Skills Development).
  • Female Empowerment Sessions

Do you have questions?
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You can write me an email, a Whatsapp message or call me (Monday-Friday): contact me and I will happily answer all your questions!

How to become a project manager


You contact us and send us your application documents, e.g. your curriculum vitae (CV). Afterwards, we get to know each other during a personal interview (online).

Attend the Recruiting Day

After your successful interview with us, you will get to introduce yourself to one of our renowned partner companies (online).

Start the qualification

At the beginning of THE FEMALE ACCELERATOR PROGRAM, 8 exciting learning weeks await you, during which we will prepare you for the coming year as a trainee. While our training partners get you ready for your first project management certification, you develop your personal strengths with socialbee’s professional soft skills training and learn everything about working life in Germany! You will also meet other inspiring women in Female Empowerment Sessions who will tell you more about their secret to success.

Start the traineeship

The first phase of your traineeship (T1) is dedicated to learning on the job. You will work 4 days per week (Monday – Thursday) on a small project in your partner company and will be supported from all sides. Every Friday is training day with intensive group and individual training sessions as well as time to learn and apply new knowledge directly to your project. At the end of the T1 Phase, you will also complete the certification as a Professional Scrum Master.

Full-time traineeship

Congratulations! As a certified Scrum Master, you are now ready to hit the ground running full-time (Monday – Friday) and support your company on ongoing projects! With monthly development meetings and individual trainings, we support you on your way to becoming an independent project manager and are always there for you if you have questions & problems.

Long-term employment

After 14 exciting months, the programme and your traineeship is over. During this time, you will have gained a lot of experience and are now ready to work as a project manager. Together, we strive for your long-term success and support you and your partner company where needed during this step.

What you say about the program

"You can achieve anything as an immigrant or refugee: This program proves that."

Mahsa, participant in the first round of the FEMALE ACCELERATOR PROGRAM

"The Female Empowerment Sessions showed me that I am allowed to have ambitions."

Priscilla, participant in the first round of the FEMALE ACCELERATOR PROGRAM

"Thank you for a program that will give me a strong professional future."

Neda, participant of the first round of the FEMALE ACCELERATOR PROGRAM

These companies participated in Round 1.0

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More information for supporters

As Germany’s leading leading expert on integration, socialbee addresses the shortage of skilled workers and promotes diversity and equal opportunities in the labor market throughout the DACH region by helping people with a refugee background integrate themselves long-term. We have a network of 500+ companies and a long-term integration rate of over 86%. As integration experts, we offer refugees real career opportunities and a stepping stone into the world of work through close mentoring, bureaucratic support, language courses and training.

We have successfully completed several qualification programmes with companies such as SAP and Daimler and have been recognised with business and political awards. This shows that our approach to integration works in a sustainable and innovative way and brings job seekers and companies together.

We are now starting a new programme and are looking for motivated participants: contact us if you know suitable and interested applicants who should not miss this opportunity!


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